Moldex Realty

November 20, 2011

Moldex Realty, Inc. (MRI), is one of the country’s leading property developer engaged in both vertical and horizontal developments. It carries the brand of excellence of the Moldex Group of Companies. It resulted from the diversification of the Uy family from the manufacturing of various types of plastic pipes and fittings into real estate development.

MRI has made its mark in the real estate industry through the introduction of quality residential subdivisions and housing projects strategically located within the outskirts of Metro Manila and in the nearby suburban areas. Commonly known by their trademark logos METROGATE COMMUNITIES and HERITAGE RESIDENCES, MRI developed subdivisions and housing projects based on modern design concepts with functional yet aesthetically designed amenities, structures and facilities.

Notable Projects

  • 1322 Golden Empire Tower
  • The Grand Towers
  • Grand Riviera Suites

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